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Demographers say all major issues of the world hinge on population. Countries that could manage their population well have emerged as succesful nations. While China has showed the world how to do this, developing countries such as India still struggle to manage the numbers. Parts of Europe are getting depopulated due to their zero growth. The greying of the Japanese population is another major issue. Come let's discuss about population, food, health and more!!!
Group created on 12/07/2010 by Sajini Nair


The group intends to hold discussions about soft knowledge in education including skills, experience, expertise, insights and best practices. Members are free to share their experiences in teaching, learning and project work. If you feel that you've some thing useful to share with others in these areas, please feel free to post a blog in the main page so that every one sees it. Also, respond to the weekly discussions in this group that is intended to facilitate soft knowledge sharing.
Group created on 08/11/2010 by Jaikiran K.P.


This page is an arm of Professor Vigliotti's ning group: www.teachingcafe.ning.com which serves as a web portal for collaborative learning. Classes spread all over the world would start delivering a course on Diversity using web 2.0 tools enabling teachers, students and researchers engage in meaningful discussions. The Flat class room would be an academic bridge between the East and the West and between the North and the South. Globalisation of education and intercultural awareness are the prime goals of this venture.
Group created on 11/07/2010 by Jaikiran K.P.

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